Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Happy Anniversary Meyers!

Just a quick note to offer congrats to Mandy & Tim celebrating their 8th (and we repeat, 8th!) wedding anniversary! It truly is hard to believe that many years have gone by since Mandy called Anne and told her the engagement news by asking her what size bridesmaid dress she'd be. Anne was caught so off-guard that she calmly told the excited friend on the other line that she needed to hang up and would call her right back. Which she did. :)

Monday, July 20, 2009

And the winner for June/July is.........plus new drawing

Hey guys! We waited until exactly midnight on the 15th for any stragglers, promptly wrote down all the names and drew for the coffeecake at o'dark thirty...then sat on the results until now. We also have some beautiful property for sale here in Jordan with a view of the Pacific ocean, if you are interested in one heck of a deal. All jokes aside, the winner of the drawing is:

This could get a wee bit complicated on the packing, since Anne's college friends Mandy & KC live in Germany on base, where KC is a blackhawk pilot in the US Army! Fingers crossed, your coffeecake will arrive safety, hopefully identifiable and as another good reason why you can't go too long without checking your mail. Mandy, can you please send your APO again via email: idahofarmchick@yahoo.com ? :)

The next drawing will span from July 15-August 15. The winning entry will receive the Blackfoot Ladies Home Demonstration Club Cookbook, straight from the ranches and coulees of Garfield County, Montana. House of Miller received one at the wedding, and it has been put to thorough use. Note: If any new wives to the area are wondering what the heck Pig and Whistle Cake is or how to make a cobbler out of nearly anything and why their guy assumes you might know, the secret is in this book...actually written down....legibly and with complete measures!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The New Cleaning Lady

In honor of Anne being pregnant and needing a little extra help around the house, House of Miller now has a cleaning service assisting with the matter (when she isn't double-booked with bottles, playing in piles of blankets and wondering why the dog won't let her "pet").

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Starting Her Right..In A Split-Marriage Home

Eric recently returned from his annual survival as chaperon/teacher/driver at Montana's 4H Congress on the Montana State University campus. While there, he picked up a little something for daughter child. She was quite pleased, although you can tell from the top picture she was worried for a moment that it meant she couldn't wear the Idaho Vandals onesie anymore..............

After confirming she can have dual support for both camps, things got a little easier.

We think she'll be a great fan (and try not to think of the college fund anyway)!
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Monday, July 6, 2009

Puppy Dog Tails or Sugar and Spice......

The incoming babe is healthy with the correct number of fingers, toes, etc! Right now it weighs 10oz at 20 weeks and it appears that we will have two females in high school fighting over the bathroom mirror and causing Eric to oil the shotgun more than first believed. More later, due to the severe thunderstorm over our heads right now and power failure is a high potential!

Boy or Girl?

Today we head down to Miles City for "The Telltale Ultrasound." Gwen will get to check out her new sibling and find out if she will most likely have a brother or sister. Stay tuned.......

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Video Series: Swimming With Gwennie (Much Better Than Painting With Bob Ross)

Swim Lessons With Papa

Last weekend, we took Gwen to the lake to test out her swimsuit and actually play in the water for the first time (highly supervised of course, for any family members cringing out there). It appears that she is going to be a water baby, complete with tears whenever we tried to take her out of the water to dry off and hang out in her diaper again. John and Marisa were there too and also took to the lake to cool off. They really aren't arguing in the picture...it's merely John convincing his wife that cold water is a really good idea and easier once it passes the waist. As mentioned on their blog, Anne even put more than a toe in (finally) but it was all in the name of the food reward at the end. Speaking of food rewards, the fishing was quite good and everyone worked hard on their best "trophy photo" poses...elbox bent, fish curved in front and raised slightly to make it look as big as possible against the landscape behind (muscle flexing and grinning optional). All of us like to think it works rather well but will be disgusted when we catch a record-holder and nobody believes us on the the real scale and size!