Saturday, May 28, 2011


So, yesterday Eric brought home a wonderful red-headed child we like to refer to as "THE NATE." Or the "I Love Him," as he is commonly referred to by Gwen (more on that later). Nate and his sister Melissa have floated in our household for years as honorary niece and nephew. And they have graciously allowed us to visit theirs as Aunt Anne and Uncle Eric. Both were excited to hear the House of Miller was having a baby for the first time. So excited, in fact, that Nate once told his 1st grade teacher during the school spelling bee that year that  "My Aunt Anne is judging and she is going to have a baby so I am going to win." We should note here this was well prior to the info becoming officially public. Thankfully, Mrs. M could keep a good secret (we still owe you). Then one day, the good moods changed when we decided to reveal the baby gender to the hoodlums first. Home from school, they were just coming through the hall at their parent's house when we broke the news that it was a girl. Nate gave quite the performance.. slamming his books on the floor and stomping out, with the exit words, "Melissa can HAVE her." Melissa was thrilled.

 Flash forward to today with 10 yr old Nate - Day 2 of what will most likely be a 3 Day Extravaganza of pizza, video games, playing with the girls, eating cookies/popcorn without the discovery of the wee ones ("Your baby has the nose of a bloodhound.") and did we mention movies? We think he got over the fact that we had not one but TWO girls in the end. What do you think?

Note for the Parents: We will not give him any form of caffeine prior to his return, nor will we send him back in a rowboat if we can help it. Although with the forecast tomorrow looking like more rain - can we keep him until mid-summer?