Thursday, March 24, 2011

On this day, or at least this month, in another point in time....

Sometimes, especially when worn from scrubbing the crayon art off the table legs or wandering sleep-deprived (yes, there is still THAT, more on it later), parents need a reminder of where they've been to truly appreciate where they are now. That, and to prove that at an earlier date in time, there were more posts, fewer run-on sentences and less strange & incorrect punctuation. So, here is a snapshot of where we were on the following dates:

Wednesday, 17 March 2010 - Video Hello (Click on the link to see it). Apparently, we still had zucchini to use at this point in time. Don't ask any questions - sometimes it is better you just don't know. Plus Eric's Extension position does emphasize food preparation and preservation. Gwen is talking and working on walking.

Sunday, March 29 2009 - Week in Review   This entry basically still defines our crazy, busy lifestyle to a point (minus the stores burning in downtown Miles City part). Eric actually picked up the 4H fruit order yesterday from Circle. We also had more time to type. Strangely enough, zucchini is ALSO MENTIONED AGAIN. Maybe renaming this "The Summer Squash Situation" would be more appropriate.

Wednesday, December 3 2008 - Top Ten Indicators that Your Life Has  Changed Forever  So, prior to major pregnancy-type action and Gwen's arrival, there's wasn't a ton of blogging going on. But this post after Gwen was on the ground long enough for us to make some groundbreaking realizations also still holds true. And we don't even mention anything about zucchini! In March 2008, Anne had gone into the Dr. because she "wasn't feeling well" and also was worried previous health issues had made a re-entrance. Therefore, Anne got to see a very, very early ultrasound of Gwennie and, after a few more visits, also got an all-clear on the health bill too. So picture any kind of March entry during this time as a jubilant, chocolate eating period of time not used sleeping (like she should have been doing).

Our first blog was this one: Welcome to Our Crazy Postings which we believe was around July 1, 2008 since the next post after that is, in a nutshell, how not to get blown up while putting on the 4th of July fireworks display for the City of Jordan. We did wind up posting some house pictures but definitely made the shift to kids (because even though you don't have to discipline bathroom floor tiles or studs, they lack that lovely chaos).

To more posts...that are also coherent....Happy March all!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Conversations with Gwen

Yesterday, Anne was changing Ari's dirty diaper, which was (unless you hab a colb) very evident to all rooms of the house. The scene was set:

Gwen vacates her kitchen stool in the search for more crayons. She walks past her sister, casting a withering look to Ari's bottom end and says (with all the angst she could muster), "Baby, grow up!"  Her stunned mother had to ask for a repeat of the words to ensure she heard the 2 year old correctly.