Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Here we go......

So, those of you that know and love us will also understand that House of Miller is not known to sit idly. Morelike, we act like small animals on caffeine intake experiments (hint: NOT the placebo group). Therefore, we now are officially presenting our most recent project, after mostly finishing a house (and NO, we are NOT pregnant, although this would be a very funny way to let you know):

Yep, its a project. A big one. We've officially gone into business with our good friends Steve & Nicole in gunsmithing. After much prayer and a few key nudges from family and friends (you know who you are), House of Miller decided to:

A) Buy a lathe (like the kind you remove entire shop walls to place)
B) Run in circles
C) Turn a hobby into a business
D) More circles
E) Create a  website
F) Hand us a brown paper bag please...
G) Start sewing, glassbedding, chambering rifles like madmen
H) Sign up for the local Christmas Market with a booth in Miles City

And so it goes, an LLC is born. Thankfully Steve & Nicole have been active since 2007 in rifle work as the same business, so the baby is only new to us. And the industry support has been phenomenal. In any case, check out the site, offer recommendations and maybe send us some work!