Saturday, February 28, 2009

Nana is here!

This week Gwennie's Nana showed up after spending a month in California with Jay's family and the new babe. Since Eric's mom lives in England, her arrival is definitely a major event when it happens. Since the last time she was here in November, our babe has grown by leaps and bounds and was excited to show off her abilities. As you can see from the background, we've purchased a walker for the 5 month old. This could be a major mistake, in that Gwen is already testing her pushing abilities (especially when she is mad!) but is still trying to figure out the association between moving backwards and her feet touching the ground.

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Monday, February 23, 2009

Talk to the Feet

We recently had our 5 month checkup with Doc Dan. Here are the stats:

Weight: 15lbs,8 oz (We thought she was getting heavy in the grocery store!) 65th percentile
Height: 26 inches 75th percentile

She checks out well and fine, with Doc suggesting that she is ahead of schedule on her babbling. We thought you all would like to see what we mean and, if you can imagine, this video was over a week ago with the development of vocalizations continuing since then!

Anne might mention here that she must be a bit of a bad mom, because she missed writing down the head size after being so excited to sit in a comfy chair and nearly fell asleep during the apt. Gwen's sleep schedule has reverted back to the up-every-3-hrs time frame, so we regret the lack of funny in this post. The crying it out method is being used but you can only stack so many pillows on your head before you risk self-squishing! More later, after a nap.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Auntie Anne & Uncle Eric Are Celebrating!

We at House of Miller are proud to announce the birth of a nephew in sunny California to Eric's brother, Jay, and wife Wendy!!!!! Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Stats:

Name: Teagen Ashleigh Miller (boy) - "Teage"
Date: Feb. 17th
Time: 3:22pm
Weight: 7 lbs 14oz
Length: 19 1/2"
Location: Lucile Packard Children's Hospital, Palo Alto CA

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Smell Update

A few of you might have noticed our picture-free posting earlier involving the dog and skunk. Since we've been asked for an update, here 'tis:

Brie managed to thwart all attempts to wash her, therefore she spent multiple nights on her bed OUTSIDE on the porch. We were naive enough to wish for colds and got them. And not just the slightly sniffy kind either. We're talking the knock-you-down-in-bed-and-buy-stock-in-Theraflu type here. Now, the colds have subsided and the dog magically smells better, just so long as you don't pet her too much. Maybe we should have named her Gorgonzola.........

Sunday, February 15, 2009

25 Random Things About Us

1) We met for the first time at the Miles City Ram Sale. Anne was showing sheep for MSU and Eric was running the livestock gate.

2) Eric worked for two years on a long-range sport fishing boat called The Big Game out of San Diego.

3) Anne once picked cherries in an orchard for a summer in college to make money while serving as a unpaid intern/newscaster for several radio stations. When it came to addressing her fear of heights, she lied on the farmer's application...then pretended to be perfectly ok with climbing 8 plus feet into branches.

4) We would not be living in the house we have without the help of friends in building it.

5) Eric once threw a passenger's rap CD out the window near the town of Winnet in disgust.

6) Anne owns a Fergie CD that she plays in secret after hearing about #5

7) Eric made money in high school installing window coverings for his mother's interior decorating business.

8) Anne lived for one month in a gym in Lake Wales, Florida with 150 other people while volunteering after Hurricane Ike.

9) Eric's first car was an Isuzu pickup, Anne's was a Ford Thunderbird

10) We couldn't agree on a boy's name, so its a good thing we had a girl

11) Eric has been to 49 states - Alaska is the only one remaining.

12) Anne was once asked to present the holy gifts to the front of the church while attending the cathedral in downtown Denver. She still blames Steve Kaufman for this.

13) We moved into our house in November when it had no doors, windows or insulation. Anne cooked on the wood stove for a month and we nailed a blanket shut over the front door each night. The horseshoe we hung at that time over the opening still remains.

14) During this time, our coffeemaker froze solid.......repeatedly.

15) Both us serve on our rural fire department and were one of the first engines on the scene of the Black Pulaski Fire in '06.

16) Anne loves to run chainsaws and has been a certified sawyer since '04.

17) Both our dogs are purebred red border collies.

18) Both of us own and use vintage Singer sewing machines.

19) For Anne's job, she works primarily with members of the Hutterite colonies.

20) Eric has lived overseas in England and Italy.

21) We were married in the steer barn of Garfield County Fairgrounds.

22) Anne has had 12 roommates from college until marrying Eric (however, it was a case of living with multiple people at a time, not one individual per go). She and 4 other girls rented a Victorian house from a statistics professor while studying at Univ of Idaho.

23) Eric has only ever had one roommate pre-Anne - his best friend while living in Santa Barbara.

24) Anne served as President of the American Agricultural Economics Association, Student Section for one term.

25) Both of our families have ties to, and love for, flying. Eric's father was a Navy pilot and Anne's grandfather had a small plane.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Smelly Business

We hate to say this, but we're not talking about Gwen's dirty diapers and, in this case, we really, REALLY wish we were! Here's a step-by-step rundown on how to promote use of any product from the Yankee Candle Company.

Step 1) Notice puppy is outside, barking and growling fiercely.

Step 2) Use spotlight to try and see what has her so excited next to the house.

Step 3) Grab gun after seeing black with white stripe and realizing it is NOT the cat

Step 4) Send shot in air to get attention of dog

Step 5) Send dog inside house to a very surprised wife while husband "finishes off" Skunky.

Step 6) Send dog outside house to a very surprised husband who didn't realize how much the much-loved-until-this-pt pup got sprayed.

Step 7) Feel happy that infamous skunk lurking for the last month is gone, sad that we don't have colds and/or more candles!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Red Vs Green

This past weekend, the House of Miller went on the road to Glasgow for Eric to teach a training. Glasgow is North of Ft. Peck Lake and, if we could simply fly or if the lake was frozen solid, would only take a few minutes to reach from our side. Alas, we needed to drive the several hours skirting the lakeside to reach the destination. Just outside town, this phenominal tractor lineup has always amazed us. The shear restoration factor stands alone, but also the question of which color they must like best. No "For Sale" signs are posted and occasionally we see people working in the shop next to them. Makes us wonder what all they have in the building! Do any of you MT readers know more details?

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