Monday, January 25, 2010

Movie Alert - Sisterly Nutrition Program

1) No Aris were hurt during the production of this short film
2) Aris DO receive a bath afterward

Enjoy life as it is in House of Miller!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Truth and Lie: Part One of Two

So, it probably is about time to reveal the answers to 4Truths and a Lie about each of us. We were going for the suspense factor but, as mentioned by Farmer's Wife, the suspense factor kind of goes when the quiz has been closed since the ice started forming on Ft Peck lake. Here are the answers:


Attended the Signing Party for the band Rage Against the Machine - True. Believe it or not folks, when it came to California's music scene, Mr Miller had his chips all in. As the story goes, band members had mutual friends that served as the connection. Rage was just starting (ie not yet famous in the mainstream) and Eric was at their small show the night they were signed in LA. Two things he specifically requested be in this explanation : 1) Technically, he wasn't around for the wild partying afterward. 2) This was the only concert in which he didn't think the earplugs for hearing protection were enough.

Worked at a pub in England - True. Pint anyone? Eric spent a year tending pints at Pope's Grotto on the bank of the Thames in Twickham. His favorite drink there? Young's Special Bitter

Competed in rodeo while in Wyoming - False. While Eric did work for the Faddis-Kennedy Cattle Company just prior to grad school, the only cattle wrangling he did was out on the open prairie without an audience. Growing up, he first learned English, then Western.

Body surfed before (and sometimes during) am high school classes - True. A significant amount of time was spent at the beach while living right near San Diego's shorelines. Eric learned to swim with his dad in the ocean at the ripe old age of 2 and never stopped. The surfing also extended to various locations in Hawaii with "double-overhead" surf. Those of you landlocked readers will need to look that one up.

Was the first engine on the scene of the '06 Black Pulaski Fire - True. The Garfield County Fire engine crew driven by Eric was the first on the scene at about midnight that infamous evening. Followed moments later by CMR and BLM crews, the group arrived to the first chunk of what would become a vast complex of fires covering roughly 125 thousand acres before containment. Anne and Eric tried to sleep in a pasture populated with several cactus patches before getting the go-ahead at daybreak to start putting in lines. The fire that was first estimated at 40 acres shortly after crews arrived (but due to various safety concerns they were not allowed near) had expanded significantly. By noon, it had blown completely out of the coulee and up over ridges on either side, along with multiple other lightning-caused fires.

Whew! Now we've gotten half caught up on the aging poll. 4 voted that lie was the Rage Against the Machine party, 4 believed it was WY rodeo and 2 voted the Pulaski Fire. Stay tuned for Anne's side next!