Friday, December 23, 2011

Turkey Day in Style

Originally, I was going for a single picture that didn't have streaks from where she was moving (Ari is always moving. If you don't believe us, ask anyone that tries to video chat with us). Instead, Miss Vogue offered a multitude of poses, asking me to take more. Shall we worry now? 

Thursday, December 22, 2011

And so, Ari turned 2 (months ago on November 11 but nevermind)

Hi. Remember us? The last time we talked, there was reference to a new business and breathing into a brown paper bag. Well, we're still here and thought we better catch up (FINALLY) on some major events around here. More major in fact than business decisions. Unless you are referring to the business of turning 2. Serious business indeed. Especially when your big sister helps guide you through the activities. We celebrated with close friends and cake. Did we mention candles? Oh yes....the CANDLES. The girls both blew them out, ask for a relight, and again, poof. One of Ari's favorite presents was a dolly stroller from her great grandmother (more pictures coming). These days it usually has a hapless, normally stark naked, dolly attached. Complete with the perfect application of lipgloss to her little face. Usually the dolly/stroller ensemble is immediately followed by a stark naked Ari with lipgloss of the same coloration delicately applied....