Monday, December 15, 2008

Officially Broken In For Winter

Last evening, it hit -30 in town and was far colder here with the windchill. Not that it hasn't been this way before, but its always a shock to the system. Above are some sights and scenes at the house. This morning, with effort, we did get the Jeep to start and have let it run for a little while. Has Anne mentioned lately how much she loves our Jeep? Baby was tucked into bed last night with her parents...we think Her Highness slept very well but Anne & Eric both have sore shoulders from sleeping funny next to the babe. We've burned at least 2 bins worth of wood in the past 10 hours or so but the house (especially upstairs) isn't bad...remember the inside thermometer is in the kitchen near the chilly sunroom and the clock function is wrong (it was 8 am when we took the pic). Also, our backup electric heat only kicked on once last night - a tribute to Eric's diligence at loading the wood stove at all hours.


  1. Hey Anne! I don't have your email chica. Mine is
    Its NOT the Nate from AGR. this guy was in flight school with KC and was from Arkansas. Hope you are keeping busy (with a new baby I know you are) and go ahead and shoot me off an email sometime!

  2. Brrrrr...I'll take my toasty 0 degrees, thanks. ;o) Glad to hear you guys are keeping warm!